Deleting all notes

Sometimes you want to start clean. Maybe you've changed the content from an exported notebook and you want to import it without creating duplicate notes. Maybe you've exported from your Amplenote account, deleted a bunch of markdown files, and now you want to re-import a smaller set of notes.

Whatever the reason, here's how to delete all of the notes from your Amplenote account.

linkFinding "Delete all notes"

Under "Account Settings," you can find the button to delete all of your notes:

Clicking the "Delete all notes" button under "Account Settings" -> "Account & Password"

💡 Want to delete only some of your notes? Check out Tag moving, renaming, deleting and merging#Deleting all notes with a certain tag.

linkUsing "Delete all notes"

After entering your account email address, the button to "Delete All My Notes" will activate:

The button to "Delete all notes" activates after entering the account email address

After clicking the button, we'll immediately mark all of your notes as deleted in the database.

linkDeleting account

If you want to delete your entire Amplenote account (not just delete notes), see Deleting your Amplenote account.