Deleting your Amplenote account

By default, your Amplenote account will automatically expire and be deleted after the trial period unless you submit a credit card and choose a subscription plan.

However, sometimes users want to proactively accelerate the deletion of their encrypted notes and attachments from Amplenote's servers. For these people, we offer the option to delete their account.

linkFinding the "Delete my account" option

Because we want your account deletion process to be as pleasant as account signup, we offer the "Delete account" button from the default settings page found by opening "Account Settings"

Location of the "Delete my account" button within Account Settings

linkDeleting your account

Fill out the "Delete my account" form with your Amplenote email address to confirm your account deletion:

Initial state of account deletion form

Once your account email address has been entered, you can click the button to confirm your account removal:

State of the form after entering email address, with cancel button enabled

Click the button and you will be logged out with your account data removed from the Amplenote database (along with your subscription obviously being canceled, if you had one).