Creating a Bespoke Kanban Board

Amplenote does not support Kanban Boards directly, however we can craft something that works just like Kanban and lets you have a quick overview of your tasks ✔️.

Here is a preview of the end result:

Emulating a Kanban Board in Amplenote with configurable states; tasks can be quickly drag-and-dropped to a new state.

linkTable of contents

linkStep #1: Create your task states

For each state we want our task to transition through, we want to create a dedicated note. Later on in Tasks Mode, in order to move a task to a new state we can simply drag-and-drop it from one note to the other.

In this example we will create 3 basic "columns" for our Kanban: NEW, IN PROGRESS and DONE, but you can create as many as you wish.

linkStep 1.1: Title your state-notes

Simply create a note for each of your states and make sure to title them in a similar fashion to this:




Make sure to add numbers to the beginning of each note title, in the order you want your columns to appear (later on we will be sorting the source notes by title).

linkStep 1.2: Tag your state-notes

Tag each of the newly created notes with todo/kanban or something similar (and preferably unused). This allows us to quickly find only tasks that are part of this Kanban Board and filter out the rest.

linkStep 1.3: Populate with tasks

Make sure to add at least one task to each state, because notes with no tasks don't show up in Tasks view.

linkExtra credits

Tag your state-notes with projects/project-x in order to help distinguish between Kanban boards for your different projects 💡.

Optionally, include the name of your project inside the title of each note, to make them easier to find when not in Tasks Mode.

Use emojis in your note titles to help visually distinguish the different task states that you have set up.

linkStep #2: View your Kanban Board

In order to view your newly created board:

Navigate to Tasks Mode

Click on todo/kanban or the tag you used for your state-notes


linkExtra credits

When you're managing multiple projects and you only want to view the board for one of them, use Shift-Click to select (1) the tag of your project and (2) the tag you use for Kanban states.

Add your Kanban tag as a Tag Shortcut. This also works for multiple tag selections:

linkStep #3: You're done!

🖐️ Use drag-and-drop to transition your tasks through your states.

🔗 Add as many details to your to-dos using Rich Footnotes and the formatting bar found in Tasks Mode.

📆 Add your IN-PROGRESS state-note to a Task Domain in order to time-block the tasks you are working on.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Share your state notes with a colleague to allow them access to the Kanban Board!