John LaPlante
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Integration with Google Calendar, Task Score, and recurring tasks.

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I live in Youngstown (Ohio), but my favorite cities are Park City (Utah), San Diego (California), and London (England)

After trying Todoist, Obsidian, Evernote, Google Tasks, Google Calendar, and most recently Notion, I was getting frustrated that I couldn't find a tool that had everything I needed, but nothing more. Amplenote gives me the ability to quickly capture my task list (like Todoist), capture daily notes and link them to common themes (like Obsidian) create a feature-rich editing platform (like Notion), and, most importantly, seamlessly layer my task list on top of my corporate Google calendar for a single-pane-of-glass view of my day.

Amplenote brings all of these together for me in a mobile-friendly and completely synchronized platform. I'm so glad I found the program - give it a try!

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