Make task tab-key behavior more intuitive

With tasks, I don't find the tab key behavior and show/hide details keyboard shortcuts to be intuitive. I wrote down what I would consider more typical behavior that I would expect.

As a standard user (not a power user), I want to use tab and shift-tab from a task item to cycle through task details, so that I can interact with a visual UI instead of memorizing bang commands.

- From any place in a task, there should be a toolbar button at the top of the page to change the indent level (one left button and one right button).
- When the cursor is in the first position of the task, tab and shift-tab indents right or left, respectively.
- When the cursor is in any position other than the first, tab and shift-tab cycle through the following:

1. Closed details (shift-tab opens task details and goes moves to Delete (or Done, maybe)).
2. Open details
3. Repeat field
4. ...
5. Duration
6. Dismiss Task
7. Cross Out
8. Delete
9. Done???
10. Back to closed and keep cursor on that same task.

* Space bar selects or toggles highlighted item.

Suggested by Andre Robitaille Mar 9, 2024


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