Tasks View inside PeekViewer

What if we could open one of our Task View Shortcuts from within the PeekViewer? A particular set of tasks could persist on the side of our workspace while navigating and working within the notes involved.
Use Case:
I have multiple project notes with categorically similar tasks (email, call, debrief, etc). I can see all these similar tasks with a shortcut. Assume I'd like to save time by batch processing these tasks sequentially. Instead of clicking thru "task view > shortcut" to find and select each task, and then again to find and complete each task, this feature would allow me to keep the full list of tasks visible while I work. As each task is completed it is checked off without navigating. In this scenario having the task view persist helps maintain focus and saves time moving between project notes.
Caveat: I suppose that it's possible to do this in reverse: open the task view shortcut and open the project notes in the peek viewer to do the work described by the tasks. However, the peek viewer is limited in width and text formatting which isn't as conducive for thought work.

Suggested by David Sullivan Oct 23, 2023


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