Support for Excalidraw

I moved away from formal boards like Miro and and use Excalidraw for early brainstorming and sharing ideas with teams.

Here's my process when working remotely with others via video:

1. I create a new Amplenote note from my meeting template, add my project tag, add attendees (each as a new note and tag them)

2. I start my meeting and share my screen with the Excalidraw page; take live notes in Excalidraw for the team to collaborate with me as the presenter, then finish the session

3. I transfer items into Amplenote:
- Select the Excalidraw with a lasso, copy to PNG and paste into Amplenote
- Copy the note text from Excalidraw (my live notes) and paste into Amplenote as text
- I'll use the note text to create tasks for me

4. Finally I save the Excalidraw file onto my Cloud drive in a project specific folder

If an Excalidraw plugin existed for Amplenote, I could save a good amount of time copying, transferring, and storing things as the source file would be stored within the note.

Suggested by User #57980 Sep 11, 2023


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