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Google Docs and Evernote have an "Add to Home screen" feature in the More menu for docs/notes. When selected, it creates an icon on the device home screen (with editable title) that when clicked, opens the app and the specific note/doc with one click. It's immensely useful for frequently referenced notes/docs and I've been using it for years.

Use Case: I'm a songwriter and I keep a running list of song and lyric ideas, which can strike at any moment. With this feature I wouldn't have to open Amplenote and then find the Song Ideas note. I would just click on the Home screen icon and the Song Ideas note in AN would open allowing me to start typing immediately.

Suggested by Curtis Long Aug 10, 2023

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6:44pm on November 11, 2023

2 Apr 2024 Update: The following workaround no longer works. Now when I click "Add to Home Screen", I am presented with a dialog box to install the Amplenote app, and there are no options other than Cancel and Install. [Sigh.]

Workaround: This is not a perfect solution, but it creates a Home Screen icon link to a specific note.

- In Amplenote, open the note you want to access from the Home Screen and select "Copy link to note" in the menu.
- Paste the link into your phone's browser (I use Chrome) and allow the web version of the note to load.
- Select More (3 dots) > Add to Home Screen.
- Place the resulting icon where you wish on your Home Screen and edit the title if desired.

When you click the Home Screen icon, it opens Amplenote in your phone's browser which, as I say, is not a perfect solution, but it does give instant access to a note without having to open Amplenote and navigate to the note.

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