Ability to search within a note on mobile

When the Search feature takes me to the note I'm looking for on mobile (Android, in my case), it can be difficult to locate the word(s) I'm seeking within a lengthy note because there's no note-specific Search feature. I've enclosed examples of how this feature is implemented in Chrome, Google Docs, and Evernote for Android.

Suggested by Curtis Long Jun 12, 2023


7:44pm on November 11, 2023

Workaround: This is not a perfect solution, but it allows you to search a note's contents using your web browser.

1. In Amplenote, open the note you want to search and select "Copy link to note" in the menu.

2. Paste the link into your phone's browser (I use Chrome) and allow the web version of the note to load.

3. Select More (3 dots) > Find in page.

4. Enter your search term.

As I say, this is not a perfect solution. It requires six additional clicks to accomplish what a simple "Find in Note" menu button would require, but it's better than not being able to search notes at all! 🙂

User #122345
4:21am on February 12, 2024

thanks, for workaround, its working. However, this is very basic feature any user expect. I just recently start using Amplenote, I was using Evernote since last 10+ years but due to their recent policy I am forced to move out, hence start looking this tool. I must say you guys are doing good job, However, you are no where close to Evernote features, lacking simple feature like this give negative feeling and I am forced to think what stopping you to put this simple feature which everyone must be needed. First users has to find specific notes out of 100 notes and then in selected note user further suppose to search specific string whatever they looking for. Its super basic stuff, not sure why you guys so behind to offer such simple feature.

User #122345
4:24am on February 12, 2024

Also, how to up vote for this feature, there is no hyperlink or click action of title "Upvote". how I am suppose to vote for this feature

User #127494
9:33am on February 25, 2024

I am also migrating over from Evernote and Amplenote seems like a really decent contender until I found out that it has no search within note function. What a bummer because I thought it is a basic function that most users will need to use!

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