Local mode for data ownership

Give the possibility for users to own their data (notes) locally forever and the possibility to sync them with their favorite storage location (Dropbox, Drive...).

Suggested by Raf Mar 31, 2023


User #56364
12:49pm on August 3, 2023

YES. I would vote for this if I could

12:41am on August 13, 2023

Yeah, this is one of the two things Amplenote is rly missing imo to make it complete

7:40pm on December 24, 2023


User #113098
5:52pm on March 4, 2024

Would like my onedrive as the repository.

8:04am on June 1, 2024

This is a very important criterion for those looking for a new note-taking tool. For example many of my students refuse amplenote for this reason and prefer obsidian or anytype only for this reason.

User #147809
5:50pm on June 21, 2024

oh, i thought this was going to be an option with the desktop app. Hm thats kind of keeping me from wanting to invest into one of the subscription plans.

7:10pm on July 17, 2024

Think I would prefer an improved vault that can be applied to a tag or something honestly, but local mode could be a fine compromise.

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