True inline tags. Move and splice the backlinks tab into editable sections within a note's core body.

It would be nice to append 'editable' backlinks as sections or blocks within the body of the linked note. In theory, this would allow backlinks to act as true inline tags. This could greatly reduce the amount of mouse work or shortcuts needed to switch between daily-jots (or any other current working area) and the more relevant notes where the information should reside.

Task Domains - Currently, if we have a blank note named @getterdunn, that is listed within a Task Domain. And we were working in a larger, project-type note that was not listed within a Task Domain. We can backlink a task item to @getterdunn. But it wouldn't show up in the calendar as an actionable task. Please correct me if I'm wrong or missing something.

Suggested by Amplenote Support Dec 29, 2022


User #64593
3:41pm on February 25, 2023

10000% agree with this need. We shouldn't have to click on another section to add tags. We should be able to add them with the content as we write our note. Just #tag as some other apps do it. It's much more natural and easier to add correct tags if you can simply type them as you write your thought. Whenever I have to add them to a different section I always forget some tags. Inline is much more usable and powerful.

User #77412
1:03pm on October 9, 2023


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