Full mail to note (Amplenote) with file attachments

I have noticed with the function "Mail to Note" that not the whole mail is stored and certainly no file attachments are taken over.
With mail to note for a list item this will probably not be possible, but with an own note it should be possible, so incl. file attachments.

Suggested by Amplenote Support Oct 4, 2022


User #110654
4:08pm on January 18, 2024

+1 for me; (from a long time EN user - now a convert to AmpleNote) would be great to be able to forward emails including attachments, right into AN. Additional details as outlined by Curtis Long sound great to me also. Thank you.

11:03pm on June 4, 2023

It would be great for attachments to be included and for images to come through intact and inline. Also, forwarded emails would be immensely easier to read if hyperlinks came through as hyperlinks and were not converted to plain links.

2 Apr 2024 Update: File attachments are now included in emails sent to Amplenote, so that's a big improvement. Images still come through as multi-line links rather than images, making the resulting notes extremely difficult to read and digest. (If I want to have email with images appear as a note, I take multiple screenshots of it and copy/paste them into the note...which is a serious hassle compared to Evernote Webclipper.) And hyperlinks still come through as hyperlinks and are not converted to plain links.

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