IFTTT triggers FROM Amplenote

This is the "If this" part of IFTTT - currently Amplenote has 0 IFTTT triggers - that is, at the moment, with IFTTT you can only CAUSE stuff to happen WITHIN Amplenote - you can't cause things to happen outside of or within Amplenote AS A RESULT of something happening IN Amplenote.

I really want triggers for:
completed tasks
unchecked tasks
dismissed tasks
crossed out tasks

Plus, a new action to mark a task in Amplenote as completed would be nice (e.g., something happens outside AN, and then IFTTT or something automatically notifies AN of this, and AN completes some matching task as a result)

I also want triggers in Pipedream (and the pipedream team has said they'll be happy to add these themselves once they're supported on Amplenote's end), so I'd prefer if the triggers were implemented with something like webhooks or oauth or some odd universal thing.

Suggested by weirdalsuperfan Sep 21, 2022

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User #64593
3:32pm on February 25, 2023

Absolutely. This is needed to work well with the eco-system of notes, tasks and projects which includes more than the Amplenote app.

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