Allow tasks to stay inline when completed, dismissed or hidden

Currently it's possible to complete a task and have it remain inline by either holding shift while clicking it, or by holding Shift while pressing the "Ctrl-Spacebar" hotkey. The task will be converted to a bullet point in which the text is formatted as ~strikethrough~.

That works, but during that conversion, the properties of the task are lost (eg. we no longer can retrieve the task's Start Date, priority or any other info), and we cannot see that task as completed on the Calendar.

For this feature suggestion, the proposal is to have completed tasks remain inline AND keep all of the existing properties of that task. This will be especially useful for the other feature suggested on here, namely "Mirrored tasks", in order to ensure consistency when a task with mirrors gets completed.

Suggested by Lucian Sep 19, 2022


User #39880
8:15am on October 18, 2022

I also need this, deleting tasks from where they are in notes looks like parts of it are missing. Even in your tutorial note, after you complete the tasks, you realise you don't know what you completed and where exactly was it.

2:16pm on November 15, 2022

I need this so, so bad. I have a poor memory and depend on tools like AmpleNote to maintain a history of what I set out to do and whether/when it was done. I need a faded/crossed-out task (like the ones in the "Completed" footer tab) to remain in the exact place where I added it, so I don't keep planning and doing the same things over and over forever. Seriously it's that bad.

User #51118
6:28pm on January 20, 2023

This is so very necessary in my opinion. Other task list apps just "gray out" when a task is completed and leaves it inline and in order. Not having this feature (which I wish I would have verified before subscribing) is preventing me from using this app to it's potential. I'm still using Tweek for my task lists. Please add this in!

User #64593
3:35pm on February 25, 2023

So important and required. It's just not usable if the task is removed from its context. I also can't use this app for tasks without this functionality.

User #68269
9:51pm on March 20, 2023

This is critical, need this please

5:03pm on May 16, 2023

+1 to all of the above comments. 👍

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