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Developer Notes & Instructions


1:50am on June 21, 2024

Being able to export this data as CSV or something would be nice, as would:
- allowing us to define custom things to track
- Allowing for calculating correlations (possibly a separate integration?): https://wiki.openhumans.org/wiki/Finding_relations_between_variables_in_time_series#Reasons_time_series_analysis_especially_as_applied_to_QS_is_hard
- allowing importing data lol

Basically a replacement for my Exist app subscription lol

Maybe unnecessary, but idk how Exist does its correlations, but I think they could be more sophisticated, and I also don't like recording my mood/quick daily journal there where I can never search through it, so I DO like the idea of putting that in Amplenote instead. Maybe some kind of Exist-->Amplenote integration would solve that issue.

1:36pm on June 25, 2024

Don't know if this would be useful, but you could add a note link to the daily jot on the "Date" column of where the data will be stored. So it could look similar to this:

[[June 25, 2024]], 8:15pm