View a task's surrounding context from Tasks or Calendar view

A common desire among task power users is to recall the context surrounding a task they've created. For example, if you created a meeting note while talking to a client, you might create 5 follow-up action items from that meeting. To carry out those tasks, you want to remember what was discussed during the rest of the meeting.

There are two options for viewing the context surrounding a task.

linkThe best way: include a backlink within the task

The best way to see the context surrounding a task is to include a backlink within the task, using the Note Linking creation syntax. To see how that looks, check out this demo of transcluding or see this video showing the creation of a transcluded content in a task. It's pretty simple: you can just use the [[ and then hit # to get a list of all the sections from the note, choosing the section that you'd like to include.

linkThe other way: jump back to the note

At the bottom of the Task Details in Tasks View and Calendar View modes, you'll find a link to the note from whence the task came.

Hovering on a link back to the note

You can open Task Details by through its hotkey, or by clicking the expander on the right edge of every task.