Transcluding note content

linkTranscluded content via Rich Footnote live preview

Note content can be transcluded through Rich Footnotes as a live preview:

Content from a note (or a section in a note) can now be viewed from within the note that links to it

Harnessing the power of Rich Footnotes, we've made all note links render the contents of the referenced note when clicking on the link text. Clicking on the page-shaped icon next to the link has the same effect of navigating to that note as before. By transcluding a note into footnotes you can quickly preview content without having to navigate to other pages.


linkTranscluding a specific note section

You can also link to a specific section within a note that you reference:

Setting up a link to a section within a note

The easiest way to get started with it is to use the double bracket syntax ([[) and start typing in the title of the note you want to reference. Once the correct note title is selected in the suggestions dropdown, enter a # to get a list of all the sections from within that note, as shown in the screenshot above.

At that point, you can pick a section using the arrows keys and "enter" or "tab." You'll now see the contents of that note section visible in the Rich Footnote you created:

Showing the contents of a note section within a Rich Footnote

The contents of this Rich Footnote will be automatically updated when the content changes in the source note.