Transcluding note content (show a block outside the note)

"Tranclusion" is the name that third-generation note apps use to describe the pattern whereby you embed a block from one note into another. This pattern is especially handy when you have a block that defines some topic, and you want that definition to be visible in the context of various other notes (or tasks).

linkTranscluded content via Rich Footnote live preview

Note content can be transcluded through Rich Footnotes as a live preview:

Content from a note (or a section in a note) can now be viewed from within the note that links to it

By transcluding a note into footnotes you can quickly preview content without having to navigate to other pages.


linkHow to transclude (link to a specific note section)

To link to a section in another note, use the Note linking syntax, start typing the note you want to link to, then hit # to see a list of the sections in the note that's selected:

If you want to link to a section in the current note (especially useful when you want to include context around a task), just follow the same process, but without entering a note title:

Linking to a section within the current note

The end result is that you get a Rich Footnote whose contents will be automatically updated whenever the content changes in the source note.

Showing the contents of a note section within a Rich Footnote

See also Inserting a section of another note.