Rescheduling en masse: Fast adjustments if an event goes long

Anyone who uses a calendar as their agenda for the day will regularly encounter situations where their intended itinerary is disrupted by an event taking longer than they had anticipated. Amplenote offers two easy options to quickly adjust your schedule when an event runs long.

linkOption #1: Use the pop-up prompt to reschedule

When you drag an event such that it runs up against (or runs through) the event that follows it, you will receive a pop up with options on how to handle the apparent scheduling conflict. It should look something like this:

The time options are calculated based on how much the day's remaining events need to get pushed back so that they don't overlap with the event that ran long. The further you drag an event down through the day, the greater the time option you will be given to push back the events that were supposed to follow your event that ran long.

linkOption #2: Hold shift and select multiple tasks

The other option to move many tasks in a day is to batch select them and then drag to a new time:

This can be a preferable approach if you only want to move some of the events in a day, or if you want to have precise control over when the series of events should begin.