Amplenote Desktop App System Requirements

Users of the Amplenote native desktop app will need the following system specifications.

linkMinimum system requirements

1gb of RAM

300mb of available hard drive space

linkRecommended system requirements

Modern CPU (e.g., Apple Silicon, Intel i5/i7/i9, AMD Ryzen or Threadripper)

2gb of RAM

1gb of available hard drive space

Note that the native desktop app is not required to use Amplenote. You can also access your account through any supported web browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Brave Browser is not fully supported due to their unwillingness to implement some web APIs that Amplenote uses (on behalf of "user privacy")

linkInstallation instructions

Note that a Pro, Unlimited, or Founder subscription (or subscription trial) is necessary to access the native desktop app. If you are currently on a Personal plan, you can continue to use the Amplenote PWA and mobile app at no cost. However, developing the native app is a very expensive undertaking, so we are limiting access at least until our development efforts aren't a net drain on our company's resources. If you would like to upgrade your subscription, you can visit the Subscription selection page.

To install the app:

Choose the downloadable application that corresponds to your system

Double click on the downloaded app to initiate the installation process

If you're using Windows, Administrator permissions will likely be necessary in order to install the app.