Invite friends, coworkers to Amplenote for swag & bonuses

If you feel that Amplenote has made you a more productive version of yourself, why not lend that opportunity to your friends and colleagues? Amplenote makes it easy to invite friends, manage collaborators, and automatically share notes with those contacts. Here's how to do it.

linkInviting friends to Amplenote

As of December 2021, the easiest way to share Amplenote will be through the link we will include when you click on your account icon:

Sharing Amplenote through the account menu link, slated for implementation December 2021

Another option is to visit your Account Settings -> Share Amplenote:

Sharing Amplenote through an invitation link to earn free months and other swag

Or Account Settings -> Invite Friends:

When visiting Account Settings -> Invite Friends, you can email an invitation manually, or you can generate an invitation link that you distribute via email, social media, Slack, etc

Whichever way you invite friends, if they join Amplenote and become a paying subscriber, you will earn a free month of Pro subscription as of December 2021. If you invite someone via email prior who becomes a paying subscriber prior to December 2021, please email us at with the email address of the account you invited and we will manually apply a one month Pro subscription credit to your account. 🎁

linkManaging visible collaborators

Learn more about controlling which collaborators are visible.