Navigate through recently opened notes and modes (backburger history menu)

linkOn desktop/web

To visit recently opened notes, you can use the backburguer button next to the search bar. This feature will display all the notes you've recently opened on your current device. You can also open it with the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-G (Windows and Linux) or Cmd-G (MacOS).

The "Recently Viewed" panel will display recently visited notes and modes, with the most recent ones at the top. History navigation remembers individual views inside Calendar or Tasks Mode (such as viewed intervals and filter selections).

linkIn mobile apps

Within the mobile apps, the same "Backburger" button lets you travel back through all of the recent notes and modes you have visited.

You can delete entries from your recent history by dragging to the left and removing them.

Note that the note shown on the final page is using a Task Limit to help the author keep the tasks in the inbox note below their target number.