Setting a maximum limit of open tasks per note

A common problem with task lists is that they're easy to overload with tasks, and before you know it, you have a long list of them that feels tiresome to even look at.


To address this issue, Amplenote allows you to limit the number of tasks you can add to a specific note. Here are the steps to set a limit on tasks:

Open a note in Notes view.

Click on "Manage tasks."


This will open a menu where you can set the maximum number of tasks a note can have in the "Target Maximum Open Tasks" field.

Menu available after opening "More options" and "Manage Tasks" in a note

After setting a "Max Tasks" target, you'll get a new icon atop your note tracking how close you are to your maximum, which will change to red if it reaches or passes the maximum:

Indicator when "Max Tasks" has been set