Exporting a note to PDF

There are two options to export note content to PDF format.

linkOption 1: Use print dialog. Recommended

The first way to export notes to PDF format is to use your browser's built-in print functionality. Since all notes can communicate their content in printer-friendly format, you can take advantage of this to get a PDF of your note.

The advantage of the printer-based over plugin-based PDF export is that it retains coloring of code blocks and tables.

The disadvantage is that it will also print your sidebar if it is open, so be sure to close it before invoking the print dialog.

linkOpen the print dialog

Press Cmd-P to open the print dialog on macOS.

On PC, Ctrl-P will open the print dialog.

From there, different browsers show the "print to PDF" option in different places.

linkPrinting as PDF in Chrome/Brave and Edge

Choose "Save as PDF" from the printer options

Choose "Save as PDF" from the printer options and then click "Save." You will be prompted for a directory in which to save your PDF.

linkPrinting as PDF in Safari

For Chrome-based browsers, and choose the "PDF" option at the bottom of the print dialog:

The "PDF" option allows you to download a note as a PDF with all coloring intact

linkPrinting as PDF in Firefox

If you're in Firefox, or if you do not have a specific "PDF" button on your print dialog, check the options available under "Printer." Chances are, one of your options is "Save to PDF":

Choose the "Save to PDF" option before choosing "Print"

After you have selected "Save to PDF," click the "Print" button and you will be prompted for where you want to save your PDF.

linkOption 2: Use the Note2PDF plugin

Update as of November 2023: the plugin is currently offline, pending some necessary fixes. We will get back to this page once the plugin goes live again!

If your note content does not contain code you want colored, or table formatting that needs to be retained, you can consider using the Note2PDF plugin in the Amplenote Plugin Marketplace.

After installing it, you will have a new option available when you open the triple dot menu in the upper-right corner of every note:


In the background, the plugin will download two Javascript libraries: to convert markdown to HTML, and HTML to PDF.

After a few seconds, you will be prompted for a location to save the PDF. This plugin should be fully functional by June 2023.