How does syncing work?

Amplenote checks for changes to your notes and updates those changes across all of your devices. We've built Amplenote from the ground up to eliminate the merge issues that other note-taking apps face as a result of having being built in the pre-mobile age.

Our goal is have notes sync reliably with no work on behalf of the user, and to remain well-supported even if you are working offline or with limited bandwidth.

The icon near the top right of the screen indicates Amplenote's current sync state. The sync states are defined as follows:

Sync complete. Your note is up to date across all your devices.

Syncing in progress.

Refreshing note. Amplenote is comparing your note in the app to the content in the server, and merging the two.

Amplenote is not able to access your content in the server. Typically, this indicates you are not connected to the internet. (If your device is connected to the internet, see 'How does Amplenote work offline?' below for troubleshooting tips).

You have made changes to your note(s) since Amplenote was last able to access the server. Amplenote will merge these changes with the server as soon as you reconnect to the internet.