What exactly does it mean for a task to be "Important" and "Urgent"?

linkThe short answer

Urgent: Needs to get done in the next few days. The sooner the better.

Important: Aligns with your long-term plans. Completing one of these makes it feel like it was a good day.

linkThe long answer

Importance and Urgency are fundamental concepts to how Task Score sorts your to-do items. You are free to define them however you like, knowing that tasks marked as "Urgent" are going to soar in Task Score, and tasks marked as "Important" will generally percolate to the top of your to-do list within a few weeks time, if you look at the list daily.

The recommended definitions above have worked well for the Amplenote team. If you can generally complete one Important task per day, there's a good chance that you will be pleased with your productivity, looking back over the weeks, months, and years.