Applying custom foreground and background color to text and table cells

When you highlight text using the highlight option in the formatting bar or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-H / Cmd-H, the selected text will get the default dark yellow background (like this). Amplenote offers further customization options for both the text itself and its background. Let's explore that below.

linkChanging the foreground or background color of the text

You can change the color of the text's foreground (letters) and background by selecting the desired text and choosing one of the following options:


Choosing either option will open the modal with a pre-defined color picker, which also includes gradient and rainbow colors.


Some inline examples for your perusing ✨ (and here's a rainbow option)

linkBackground colors inside table cells

Table cells also support different background colors. You can customize cell background color by selecting the table cell you wish to apply the changes to and clicking on the bucket icon:


A table







linkColor options inside code blocks

Check out the help page on code blocks for more details.