Note templates as a pattern to duplicate frequently referenced content

As of mid-2021, Amplenote doesn't offer a designated "template" feature per se, but it does offer a path that avails most all the same benefits of a template. This page will explain how to set up note templates "the Amplenote way."

linkStep one: create a note with template text, apply a tag like templates

The first step to having a reusable template is to create a note that has the structure you want your template to possess. As one example, here's a note that could be used as a sales template:

Setting up a hypothetical template to be used in sales meetings, tagged with templates

Technically you don't need to apply a tag to your template, but that will make it easier to find later if you end up creating a large library of note templates.

linkStep two: create a new note instance

Now that you have the note, any time you want to create a new instance using the template, you can use the "Duplicate note" option:

Using "Duplicate note" to create a new instance of this template

Upon choosing the new note title, you'll be placed in the newly created note. You can get straight to modifying the template contents for the meeting at hand.