Completed tasks: see what's getting done

Adherents of GTD and those who want to meta-optimize their life often want to get a sense for "how many" and "what kinds of" tasks are being completed in a given week, month or year. Amplenote offers a handful of ways to view your completed tasks.

If you have specific ideas for "how to see completed tasks" beyond what is presented here, consider contributing to our voting item for a "Tasks done page."

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Tasks completed this week, visually positioned by the time they were worked on

As of 2021, the best way to view completed tasks is using the Calendar View. "But I don't have time to schedule all of my tasks on the calendar!" you might think. With Amplenote, it doesn't matter, because when you mark a task as "completed," it will be shown as "completed" on the calendar at the time you marked it complete. So even if you didn't originally schedule the task, it will still show up on the calendar, so long as the note in which the completed task had resided is included in a Calendar Task Domain. ✨

The calendar view is our preferred approach to seeing what got done over a week because it visually arranges tasks by the time they were completed, which is generally easier to digest than a flat list of every task completed. If you use the recommended technique of prefacing your tasks with an emoji (as seen in the screenshot above), then you can also get a sense for the type of tasks that are consuming the majority of the week. In the case of the screenshot above, you can see that the user spends their time primarily on "💼" and "💻" tasks.

Of course, if you connect your Amplenote calendar to a Google or Outlook calendar through our 2-way calendar sync, then you can also use those calendars to see what you're getting done in Amplenote.

linkOther ways to see what is getting done

Every note in Amplenote includes a visual glimpse into how much Task Score was completed in the note over time. At the top of the "Completed" tasks tab, you'll see the past six weeks of completed Task Score:

Past six weeks of Task Score completed by day, mapped out in each note to start the "Completed" task tab

Meanwhile, at the very bottom of the "Completed" tasks tab, you'll see how much Task Score was completed during the past year:

Past year of Task Score completed by week

To the extent that your tasks come from a single note, these graphs are useful to chart how much is getting done as time passes.

You can also browse through the list of completed tasks by visiting the "Completed" tab within a note. The list of completed tasks shown in the note will include everything completed within the past six weeks (accessible by clicking "See more completed tasks"). If you'd like to see tasks completed more than six weeks ago, use the Note Version History to visit past versions of the note where you'll be able to see which tasks were completed adjacent to the date of the version.