Removing Amplenote branding from published content

By default, when you publish content from Amplenote during an account trial, there is some Amplenote branding on it.

linkWhat the branding looks like

For notes published and viewed on Amplenote's domain, content will look something like this:

Viewing a note that was published by an Amplenote trial subscription

For note content that is embedded, a more compact treatment is used. There is a couple sentences that are appended at the bottom of the embedded content:

The content above is from a note published by an Amplenote subscriber. As updates to the note are made, they are reflected here in real time.

linkHow to remove the branding

The publish note branding is only shown during the trial subscription period. Once the account has upgraded to become a paying customer, the content will have all Amplenote promotional branding stripped from it.

There may be a delay in the removal of the branded material due to content caching. If you need the branding removed immediately, feel free to email our team after upgrading your account and we can manually reset your cache.