Import from Markdown

Are you using Bear, Obsidian, or any other the numerous note taking apps that export to markdown? Amplenote makes it easy to import all of your existing note content, including cross-linked notes, images and formatting.

Amplenote can now import from boring old generic markdown. Settings -> Import -> then click Import Markdown in upper right.

From this page, you pick your markdown or zip file, click "Start import," and we'll show you a progress bar so you can decide whether to stick around and wait for the import, or whether to switch to another task.

linkWhat Amplenote imports

As a general rule, we've tried to ensure that any concept that's in Obsidian can be imported into Amplenote. This includes:


Cross-note links (aka "note references")

Formatting (bold, italic, strikethrough)


External links


Code blocks

Inline literals

...and more. If there is a specific feature you'd like us to add to our importer, please vote for or create it at our Feature Voting board.

linkImport from SQLite, Mysql, and other databases via Markdown (Import from Things)

You can create a markdown file to import from using SQL like the following:

# If you're in a database like Mysql that supports this syntax, consider uncommenting this:
# SET NAMES utf8;
SELECT tasks_field
INTO OUTFILE '/path/to/'
FROM your_table

See this StackOverflow post for more tips on outputting a SQL table to a file.

linkOur commitment to help you avoid data lock-in

We want to ensure it's as straightforward as possible to jump between Amplenote and other note taking apps. Read more at our Exporting Your Notes page.