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Status: I've never had this much fun customizing a profile before

Bio: Hello I am "Neko", AKA "Duke of York" and "BZT". I signed up for this site on November 22, 2022, but I've been on it for a while. This site marks another (hopefully final) step in my journey to find the most suitable note-taking app for me; I've already gone through (in order), Inkpad Notepad, aNotepad, Simplenote, Zoho Notebook, and now I'm here at Amplenote. I like humor (obviously) and have done my best to insert it into this page. I hope reading this is a treat!

Total Notes And Tasks

A steadily growing number

Productivity Tactics

I don't 😂😢

World Class

Procrastinator, most certainly

Favorite City

Tokyo, Japan (and my own hometown, of course)

Favorite Quote

"Irregardless of whether or not you can do the time, don't do the crime"

I arrived here through a recommendation on Reddit from Prize_Barracuda_5060, and since then Amplenote so far has greatly changed the standard with which I consider note-taking apps

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