Marjolein Veenendaal
Member since July 2022
About Me

Data Science Engineer from the Netherlands. Working with Python to improve the reliability of the electricity net of the Netherlands. Wife and mother of one. Fan of board games, podcasts, sewing, cross stitching, drinking tea.

Desired Collaborations

It's always fun to link up with new people, but I know very few good designers/illustrators and I have a few web projects that could really use some fresher looks.

Total Notes And Tasks

Just getting started! 40 notes and 30 tasks.

Productivity Tactics

- Set a timer to work on something for 15 minutes. If that's enough to get in a state of flow, keep going. If not, allow yourself a break and try again later.
- Write everything down.
- Have something to keep your hands occupied during meetings.

Long Term Goals Completed

I don't have any long term goals! I believe in letting myself roam and find my path organically.

Favorite City

My hometown (specifically; in the sunshine in my back yard).

Favorite Quote

"Druk maken is voor compressors." (Roughly translated: Pressure is only for compressors.)

How Best To Contact Me

E-mail ( or LinkedIn!

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