A. Mikel Gonzalez
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I started out with roam research (which is an awesome tool that I still use for certain things), but I found the shareability and deep integration with tasks that Amplenote excels in to be irresistible. At one point I tried obsidian as well, but I found that the ability to customize things (in roam as well) to be too much of a temptation for me, I would spend an innordinate amount of time trying to customize my workflows. Amplenote's biggest strength is that you have a scaffold to work on top of, but the process you choose is still relatively flexible (GTD or some other productivity flavor). Having push notifications for tasks on my phone is a huge plus, along with the flexible recurrence feature. Amplenote is not as well known, but it certainly has the ability to compete in the "major league" of note taking tools.

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