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Front-End | Mobile Developer ⚛️ Muslim, Arabic, English.
React , React Native, NodeJS, TypeScript.

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"What gets measured gets improved" - Peter Drucker

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Organizing Programming Projects: As a MERN Stack Developer, you can use Amplenote to organize your coding projects. You can create notes for different aspects of your projects, such as front-end, back-end, and database designs. The ability to interlink notes can help you keep a coherent structure and easily navigate between different components of your projects.

Task Management for Freelancing: Amplenote's task management features can be particularly useful for managing your freelance projects. You can set deadlines, priorities, and track the progress of each task. This can help you stay on top of your deliverables and manage your time effectively.

Lesson Planning and Tracking: For your role as an instructor, Amplenote can be a great tool to plan and track your lessons. You can create notes for each lesson, including key points, exercises, and any homework you assign. You can also track the progress of your students over time.

Integration with Other Tools: If you use other tools for your work or personal life, look into how Amplenote integrates with them. This can streamline your workflow and reduce the need to switch between different applications.

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