Apple Calendar integration

Like google and outlook, allow for two-way integration with Apple calendars.

Suggested by User #13980 Sep 16, 2022


User #30843
3:20pm on October 24, 2022

I have signed up to a plan, just to get the vote for this! In the user suggestions you say it’s ‘very likely to be added’. Please could you say when that is likely to be? The reason for my vote is that being able to slot tasks into my calendar is the main feature I’m looking for, but having converted over to Apple completely there is no way I am going to go back to google calendar.

User #61456
5:49am on February 19, 2023

I am totally in the apple ecosystem and I would also appreciate this feature.

User #65534
5:08am on March 6, 2023

Would suggest using the existing iOS/MacOS sync to external calendars (this would also cover apple Cal) - reason why is my employer runs on Office 365 but has for security reasons blocked access to the 365 calendar by 3rd party apps. They allow Apple to sync given the preponderance of iPhones, but no apps like Amplenote. I’ve seen other apps such as Agenda and NotePlan handle this by leveraging the existing iCloud sync stack. I don’t know the technical method they are using (am not a software engineer) but it works quite nicely. This one thing will keep me using Agenda for meeting notes at work.

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