Toggle Headings

We already have toggle unordered lists (bullets), and ordered lists (numbered).
Now what's missing is toggle headings.

Suggested by Erich Angermayr Sep 19, 2022


User #47757
7:00pm on October 15, 2022

I would suggest to include the little line below the bullet and headings (that we see in most of the other apps). It is very useful to keep track when using multiple levels of bullets/headings.

5:46pm on October 22, 2022

Toggle headings are going to make so much of a difference. I use this feature in the free version of when I find myself in need of it. However, [templates] could benefit from this enhancement. In Roam Research SmartBlocks, the content in the SB would be brought in with the default formatting (collapsed/expanded) depending on how the current state of the headings in the originating note. The same could be done for headings with the equivalent functionality: Depending on how the current state of the [template], 1) all expanded; 2) all collapsed; 3)some expanded, some collapsed. Thank you.

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