Separate checklists and tasks

Having checklists that aren't treated as tasks and stay checked on the note would be very useful.

At least for my use cases, I'd also generally like completed tasks to stay as tasks and just have a completed state on the note. Completed tasks getting deleted from the note body is a good behavior primarily for tasklist notes, IMO. If the tasks are embedded within a note that's project reference or the like, deleting them from the note body is actively counterproductive.

Suggested by Coffeeling Sep 16, 2022


9:38pm on September 23, 2022

"Allow tasks to stay inline when completed, dismissed or hidden "

would accomplish this same purpose

User #86729
9:28pm on July 26, 2023

Checklist items and tasks are fundamentally different things. Checklist items are not tasks, they do not need any other properties than label and state and should never appear in the tasks view. As requested, when checking an item it should remain inline and not be hidden or removed.

User #93487
1:38am on August 30, 2023

Agree 100% with User #86729 - this is ideal for things like travel packing and grocery shopping checklists, where each individual item is not a separate 'Task' (even if the list itself might be related to or used, and re-used, in the context of a task). You can otherwise 'hack' it by using bullets and either normal or strikethrough formatting, but that's much more fiddly to apply/remove than just checking/unchecking a box (plus slightly less nice looking as you won't get the grey-out effect as well as strikethrough, nor the checkboxes making it obvious as a checklist rather than any other normal bullets).

I'd suggest they could be visually distinguished from Tasks by, for example, having circular rather than 'square' checkboxes and no background shading of the line/paragraph (or priority-colour bar at the left edge) - and could be created by starting a line with, say, "{ } " instead of "[ ] " (plus any other applicable methods like GUI buttons, hotkeys, ...).

11:54pm on October 1, 2023

I find myself wanting this functionality more and more. I think it could be accomplished and would make some of my workflows a little easier.

User #104368
10:54am on November 5, 2023

I totally agree. I want to use a checklist to check people into a meeting. However this is impossible with amplenotes.

User #110540
8:45pm on December 3, 2023

interesting to read this topic and also fully agree. Using Evernote for over 10 years I am looking at a replacement as the quality (mainly synchronisation) of Evernote is lacking. About this topic, for me is the missing checkbox list a showstopper as using checklist besides tasks is crucial for me. Tried to use Tasks for all my checklist items but that pollutes my tasks overview/function.

User #110654
8:52pm on December 7, 2023

Agree. It's nice to re-use check lists (like for packing for a camping trip). Leaving them in line would be my preference too. Thanks.

User #15238
3:42pm on December 10, 2023

Like User #110540, this lack is a big impediment to leaving Evernote for me

User #127227
4:09am on March 7, 2024

User #86729 said it exactly - checklist items and tasks are fundamentally different things. It would be a great improvement to be able to add checklists without having them show up as tasks, and which have typical checklist features such as always remaining visible with state of checked / unchecked and select all / deselect all option. This is great for packing lists, grocery lists, etc. Evernote never handled this feature well (they provide checklists but there is no option to select all / deselect all, and synchronization is abysmal), so I'd love to see Amplenote hit this out of the park!

4:09pm on March 25, 2024

@User #127227: In case you didn't know about it yet, maybe you'd like to check out the plugin/userscript I created for this purpose:

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