Installing Amplenote on iPad

There are two options for installing Amplenote on an iPad: installing it as a PWA from Safari, or installing it as a mobile app from the app store. There are several advantages to choosing the former, as we will outline below.

linkRecommended option: Install the app as a PWA

When you install the app as a PWA on iPad, you will have access to all functionality from the desktop app, including app shortcuts (if you use a keyboard with your iPad) a note sidebar, and all the different calendar views available on desktop. To install Amplenote as a PWA,

Open Safari, visit Amplenote, and log in

(Optional) Give the app a name that will let you differentiate it from the Amplenote mobile app, if you will install the mobile app. We recommend naming it "Amplenote PWA"

After following these steps, you'll have a new icon for Amplenote among your apps. Just like the mobile app from the App Store, the Amplenote PWA will work offline and has the full functionality of the desktop app.

linkSecondary option: Install the mobile app from the App Store

If you visit the App Store on iPad, you'll be given the opportunity to download the Amplenote mobile app. As of August 2021, the mobile app has not yet been optimized for large screen breakpoints, so you won't get niceties like the note sidebar and 4-day, weekly, and monthly calendar views.

The one salient advantage of the mobile app is the ubiquitous "Capture" field at the bottom of the app so that you can record an idea within moments of opening the app. You can always install the mobile app alongside the PWA if this feature is important to you.