Amplenote Freemium Beta

Amplenote technically doesn't have a "Free" version. The product is still working toward becoming cashflow-positive (subsidized by its parent company,, so it needs to initially ration out server and support resources for those who can nudge us closer to becoming cashflow-positive.

That said, we have heard from a lot of passionate customers who love the product but currently have circumstances that make it challenging to pay full price (or at all). For these people, we created an "underground" version of Amplenote called "Amplenote Freemium Beta."

An account on the Amplenote Freemium Beta plan retains access to most all of Amplenote's features. We'll periodically nag you to check on whether you're still getting value from Amplenote, but you can still create & update notes, and the nags aren't that bad. 😄

There are two ways to enroll in Amplenote's Freemium Beta plan:

Click the email: When your account lapses, unless you had turned off "auto-renew," you will receive an email with a link to opt into the Amplenote Freemium Beta plan. Click the link and you'll be on your way.

Via Subscription Page: When your account has expired and entered read-only mode, visit Account Settings -> Subscriptions and you'll find a link to convert to Freemium Beta.